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The Servants of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary Religious Brothers and Priests is the male branch of the Religious Family of the Pierced Hearts, founded in 2020 by Mother Adela Galindo and erected as a public clerical association of the faithful by Archbishop Thomas Wenski. We are a mixed community of religious brothers and religious priests called to serve in the heart of the Church.

"The time has come for the Josephite, Johannine, Pauline, and Priestly principles to be lifted up through the maternal formation of Our Lady." Mother Adela Galindo, Foundress SCTJM



To be the living image and presence of the Heart, Person, and Mision of Christ in the heart of the Church and to place our masculine genius and Marian charism in loving communion and service with the Marian-Apostolic-Petrine Principle.



  • Eucharistic: Totally dedicating our lives in love to the Eucharistic Heart.
  • Marian: Allowing ourselves to be formed by Our Lady to be men after the Heart of Christ.
  • Charismatic: Actively communicating and receiving the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • In the Heart of the Church: Generously offering our masculine genius and our paternal potentialities in loving service to the Marian-Apostolic-Petrine Principle.


  • Chastity: with a spousal and undivided heart, to love the Heart of Jesus with a total, oblative and unconditional dedication and to be open to receive and communicate the fecundity that flows from the potency of this communion of love.
  • Poverty: with a generous and diligent heart, to detach myself of all things to have the Heart of Jesus as my only inheritance and treasure and to freely give all that I am and have for the common good of our Institute.
  • Obedience: with a receptive and docile heart, to responsibly and effectively dispose myself to fulfill the designs of love of the Heart of Jesus manifested through my legitimate superiors and the government of our Institute.
  • Total availability to the Heart of Christ: Total Identification with the Heart, Person, and Mission of Christ.



  • Marian Principle: To live under the total guidance and posession of Our Lady so as to become Marian-masculine hearts.That as Christ was formed by her Immaculate Heart, we may also allow her to form our hearts after His heart.
  • Priestly Principle: To allow ourselves to be pierced as Christ did in order to give abundant life.
  • Josephite Principle: To enflesh the virginal, spousal, and paternal love of the one who was the first Servant of the Two Hearts.
  • Johannine Principle: To be hearts after the heart of St. John who deeply contemplated the mysteries of the Heart of Christ and brought Our Lady into his home, allowing her to form him and guide him, being a true son of Her Heart.
  • Pauline Principle: To have the missionary ardor of St. Paul, going freely to wherever the Lord asks of us with apostolic zeal.



The apostolic mission of the SCTJM Religious Brothers and Priests flows from our consecrated vocation lived in community and fortified by our common life and daily prayer. Based upon the evangelical counsels as specified by our religious vows and Marian charism, we are called to enflesh the all-embracing, pastoral-oblative love of Christ for humanity, living out our apostolic charism to be ardent witnesses of the power and fecundity of love and the Splendor of the Magisterium and Treasures of the Church so as to form the human heart (humanly, spiritually, doctrinally, and pastorally) and thereby to help build a new civilization of love, truth, life, and solidarity in the heart of the Church and in the heart of the world. Concretely, this is accomplished through our different missions and ministries. While Religious Brothers and Religious Priests have different primary missions, they always serve in full communion, serving together, expressing the complementarity of their vocations. Some of our ministries include:

For Religious Brothers For Religious Priests

• Teaching middle school, high school, and universities
• Liturgical Ministry
• Campus Ministry for high school and universities
• Pastoral Assistants for Parishes or Dioceses
• Directors of Religious Education
• Faith formation through talks and courses.
• Retreat planning and Youth Ministry
• Serving in mission and pilgrimages.
• Serving the poor and immigrant communities.
• Evangelization through the means of communication.

• Primarily the celebration of the Sacraments, particularly the Holy Eucharist and Sacrament of Reconciliation.
• Serving as Pastors or Parochial Vicars parishes.
• Serving as hospital or hospice Chaplains.
• Visiting the homebound and administering the last rites and burying the deceased.
• Serving as Chaplains for high schools or universities.
• Teaching at seminaries and universities.
• Serving in pilgrimages and missions of the community.
• Spiritual accompaniment.




For more information on the male branch of the Servants of the Pierced Hearts and for vocational interest please send and an email to: brothersandpriests@piercedhearts.org.


Mother Adela Galindo, after founding the female community of the Servants of The Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary in 1990, felt the Lord calling her to give Him Priests and Brothers who would console his heart: they would be born of the wound of His Sacred Heart and womb of Our Lady.

To read her full biography please click here.



The SCTJM Brothers and Priests are part of the Religious Family of the Servants of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Together with our Religious Sisters, we are called to become a living reflection of the Holy Family of Nazareth. While the Brothers and the Sisters are two separate institutes, having the boundaries proper to religious life, they are also part of the same Religious Family and thus are united by the same charism. The primary manifestation of this communion is expressed through mutual prayer and service, particularly in those missions in which both Institutes will serve together. This lived expression of the communion between the two branches is fundamental in our charism, flowing from the communion of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary; Our Lady and St. Joseph; of Our Lady and St. John; and Our Lady and the Apostles.





After entering the community and having completed the proper formative stages of Postulancy and Novitiate, a candidate can be accepted to make his profession of vows as a Religious Brother. By religious profession, the brother freely gives his life as a gift to the Lord through the evangelical councils of poverty, chastity and obedience, and our fourth vow of Total Identification with Christ in the School of Our Lady, by which the brother becomes a full member of the community. As Religious Brothers, we become the prophetic-memory of Jesus the “brother of humanity” who came to restore communion between the Father and the human person. Therefore in all that he is and does, a Brother is called to remind humanity of the love of Christ who came as their brother (cf. Rom 8:29-21). The ministries of Religious Brothers are varied, particularly in our community, as we are called to serve wherever the Church is need of our charism as discerned by our legitimate authorities in communion with the bishops whom we serve. Regardless of the ministry, our service is always the same, as our mission flows from our identity. In this way one can see that the primary ministry of the Religious Brother is fidelity to his religious life through which he offers himself for evangelization and generous service to the Church.



After some time of service as a professed Religious Brother and profound discernment, a brother may present to the authority of the community a desire to seek the Sacrament of Holy Orders. The community then, in discernment with the local ordinary, will make a determination as to confirm this sense of the brother. Should the discernment be affirmative, the brother begins seminary and a modified plan of formation, taking into account the formation he has already received. While the brother studies at the seminary, he will always reside in the convent assigned to him. In order to receive the Sacrament of Holy Orders, the brother must be perpetually professed. The main and primary mission of Religious Priests according to our charism is the generous and oblative celebration of the Sacraments for the good of the faithful. In particular, Religious Priests are to dedicate themselves to the faithful and ardent celebration of the Holy Eucharist and to make of their lives a living sacrifice in the Sacrament of Confession, even to many hours per day. Religious Priests attend to the homebound and to the dying with special pastoral solicitude in order to help the faithful prepare for death, which as Christians we understand is our birth to eternal life. Religious Priests of our community serve mostly in parishes but will always reside in assigned convents in a community with their Brothers.




The habit of the brothers, as defined by our community, is a visible sign of our spousal - virginal love, our life of poverty, obedience, and of belonging to our religious family. The Servants wear the habit of our community which consists of a taupe tunic which has a square opening at the collar to make visible the white clerical shirt for religious priests or a white shirt for the religious brothers. It will also consist of a simple hood, five buttons symbolizing our five principles and the five wounds of Christ, a burgundy belt from which hangs a rosary with the twenty mysteries, and burgundy closed - toed shoes. Their habits have the embroidered logo of the community on the upper left side, close to the heart. They will also wear the SCTJM Cross.



General Youth Vocational

Homilia Diaria
Fr. Joseph Mary, SCTJM

Familia: Escuela de Amor
Mission de Adviento 2021 OLOL
Br. Iñigo, SCTJM

Aim Higher 2022
Retreat for Young Men

San Jose:
Custodio de los Jovenes

Br. Iñigo, SCTJM

Cretated out of Love,
for Love and to Love
Br. Iñigo, SCTJM
Cardinal Gibbons HS 2021

"Meditated Rosary for Vocational Discernment"
Mother Adela Galindo

"Dicernment: A Journey of the Heart"
Br. Iñigo, SCTJM

"The Vows"
Fr. Joseph Mary, SCTJM

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